Understanding Early Sex Education through Image Story Media


  • Dameria Sinaga Universitas Kristen Indonesia
  • Melda Rumia Rosmery Simorangkir Universitas Kristen Indonesia


Sex Education, Early Age, Picture Story Media.


Many people think that sex education should be introduced when children reach puberty, even though this is not entirely true. It takes good cooperation between parents and schools to be able to collaborate to provide correct understanding to early childhood. This study was conducted to analyze the importance of sex education in early childhood education through me and myself using illustrated story media tools so that children can introspect and take care of themselves. This research was conducted using a qualitative method with a descriptive approach, the subjects of this research were students of the Joy kids Elohim Kindergarten in Babelan Bekasi. The results of the study found that Joy Kids Elohim Kindergarten had implemented sex education through the theme of me and myself because schools realized that proper sex education should be given from an early age, this would really help children to take care of themselves.




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Dameria Sinaga, & Melda Rumia Rosmery Simorangkir. (2021). Understanding Early Sex Education through Image Story Media. International Journal of Recent Innovations in Academic Research, 5(8), 103–108. Retrieved from https://ijriar.com/index.php/ijriar/article/view/110