Enhancing Student’s Performance in Arnis Using Teachers’ Made Instructional Video


  • Madelyn C. Vega Master of Arts in Education Major in Physical Education (Laguna State Polytechnic University–Los Banos Campus), Teacher I at Gulod National High School/Arnis Coach
  • Nilda S. Alforja Associate Professor 4, Laguna State Polytechnic University–Los Banos Campus


Instructional Video, Effectiveness, Arnis.


This study measured the Effectiveness of Instructional Video in Teaching Arnis among Grade 7 students during the third quarter of the Academic Year 2020-2021 at Gulod National High School. This study aims to help the MAPEH teacher in enhancing their strategies in teaching Arnis. This is also to motivate the learners to learn Arnis and to showcase Filipino martial arts since most of the youth today are engaged in multimedia. This study is a Quasi-experimental design that has two groups, the Experimental Group, and the Comparison Group. The respondents of the study were composed of 36 males and 30 females of grade 7 under the Physical Education class of Gulod National High School, Cabuyao, Laguna.
The respondents were clustered into two groups that consist of 18 males for the experimental group and 18 males for the comparison group, while females were 15 in the experimental group and 15 for the comparison group. Descriptive statistics such as frequency count, percentage, weighted mean, and standard deviation were used in the study.
The analysis has been detected that there is a significant difference in the performance in the pre-test, formative and posttest mean obtained by experimental and comparison groups. It is suggested for further study to determine the effectiveness of flipped classrooms or digital platforms on the academic performance of the students. But in addition, the study on students’ critical thinking, learning experiences, motivation, and the likes will not only be in Physical Education subjects but also in other subjects.




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