Youth Unemployment, Restiveness and High Rate of Crime in Enugu Urban: Implication for Social-Political Development


  • Ijeoma, Evelyn. Animba Department of Educational Foundation, Enugu State University of Science and Technology Enugu, Nigeria.


Youth, unemployment, restiveness, crimes, development.


Youths constitute a huge force such that when their energies are properly harnessed and controlled can lead to great national success, development and stability. However when such energies are left to decay and degeneration, can result to different degrees of crises, restiveness, catastrophe and crimes such as terrorism, kidnapping, banditry, insurgency, armed robbery, cultism among others. Sometimes they also resort to sustained protest in order to enforce a desired outcome from a constituted authority which has the capacity to degenerate to crime as well. Hence this paper sought to determine relationship between youth unemployment, youth restiveness and high crime rate in Enugu urban city. Two research questions and hypothesis guided the study accordingly. The study was conducted in Enugu urban city using descriptive survey design with a sample of 120 residents of the state selected from different strata. Researcher structured questionnaire face validated by three experts from the field of Political Science, Sociology and Measurement and Evaluation respectively from Enugu state University of Science and Technology was used to elicit the desired response. 0.76 co-efficient was determined using Cronbach Alpha. Method of analysis were descriptive statistics and chi square. Based on the findings, it was recommended that unemployment among the youths who are the future of the state is a ticking time bomb hence should be handled with all carefulness before it explodes therefore jobs should be created by the state by making the environment conducive for businesses to thrive as well as mandatory practical teaching of entrepreneurial education in all levels of education in the state.




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