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This novel has advantages in characterization, including the main character in the story who is able and strong to face various life phenomena even though there are many conflicts in it. The purpose of this study is to describe the image of women in the novel Nayla by Djenar Maesa Ayu, identify the content of feminism in the novel Nayla by Djenar Maesa Ayu, and identify the gender relations that exist in the female figure in the novel Nayla by Djenar Maesa Ayu. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative research method. The novel Nayla by Djenar Maesa Ayu is also very interesting when studied with a feminist approach with the condition of Nayla's character being frustrated because she gets injustice as a woman and Sara Mills' theory. The data collection technique used in this research is library technique.</p> Putri Lisdiaztuty Suroso Copyright (c) 2022 2022-11-01 2022-11-01 6 11 1 9 Does US States’ GDP Influence Consumers’ Preferences for Renewable Energy?: A Preliminary Analysis of Twitter Posts <p>State-led renewable energy support is on the rise, and demand for renewable energy-based related products is growing. Positive consumer sentiment towards renewable energy can support qualitative growth. Additionally, it can be used to develop marketing strategies to increase sales of renewable energy and related products. A deeper understanding of how local income levels influence preference for renewable energy is one step in this direction. In the present study, tweets were mined from Twitter in various regions to analyze the public sentiment about renewable energy in different regions of the United States. Tweets were classified based on various renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind power, and tidal power. An analysis of tweets collected from January 1, 2017 to January 15, 2022 revealed that public sentiment varied from state to state. Furthermore, regional income levels highly correlated with preference for renewable energy and related products. Future research on factors influencing this association could inform government-led promotion strategies to improve the sales of new and renewable energy products.</p> Jisun Hwang Copyright (c) 2022 2022-11-02 2022-11-02 6 11 10 16 A Game Theoretic Analysis of the Traditional Juvenile Justice Methods in Korea and Suggestions for Transformative Interventions <p>This study presents a different methodology for theoretically identifying the effects of various factors on juvenile delinquency rates. Using game theory and the subgame perfect Nash equilibrium, the payoff for each decision is calculated. We obtained juvenile delinquency statistics from the Korean Statistical Information Service (KOSIS) to perform an empirical analysis. The results successfully anticipated a change after the 2008 juvenile law adjustment, which lowered recidivism and crime rates. However, after performing an exhaustive simulation using the evolutionary game theoretical model, we found that this phenomenon may be transient. Higher law enforcement costs constantly force lower law enforcement rates; hence, more sustainable solutions are required.</p> Kris Lee Copyright (c) 2022 2022-11-03 2022-11-03 6 11 17 27 Boards of Management Instructional Management Practices on School Development in West Pokot County <p>There are variances in terms of school development of most public secondary schools in Kenya despite there being a policy establishing Boards of Management charged with the responsibilities such as setting vision, establishing goals, developing policies, allocating resources and assuring accountability. The purpose of this study therefore was to investigate the effectiveness of Boards of Management Instructional Management Practices on school development in West Pokot County, Kenya. The study was based on open systems theory in operationalizing the variables in the study. The target population was all the 120 principals of public secondary schools, 1800 BoM members, 1 County Director of Education and 4 Sub-County Directors of Education officers which totaled 1925. A suitable sample of 332 respondents was determined through the Yamane formula. The study applied mixed research approach with descriptive survey design. The study utilized simple random and purposive sampling techniques in identifying a suitable study sample of 332 respondents for data collection. Questionnaires and interview schedules were used to collect data. Reliability of the instruments was determined through a test-retest method and a Cronbach Alpha coefficient of at least 0.7 was computed, which was considered sufficient for use of the questionnaires in the actual study. The findings of the study were presented in tables and figures. The study revealed that the mean scores BoM instructional practices and school development was average. However, inferential statistics showed that, Board of Management’s instructional practices had significant positive influence on school development with a (B=.486, p&lt;.001).</p> Kapchanga Martin Kiprop Julius Maiyo Kipkenei Simon Copyright (c) 2022 2022-11-07 2022-11-07 6 11 28 38 Correlates of Performance in the Licensure Examination for Teachers in Calabanga Community College <p>The quality of education offered by any institution is often determined by the performance of graduates it produces. This study was conducted to determine the predictors of performance in the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) as the bases for a contextualized intervention program. A total of 117 graduates from batch 2016 to 2019 of Bachelor of Secondary Education graduates of Calabanga Community College were the respondents of this study. This study employed a descriptive-correlational research design utilizing a survey questionnaire and documentary analysis for data gathering. Data were treated using descriptive statistics, chi-square test of independence, and Pearson’s Product Moment of Correlation. The profile showed that 70% of the respondents were in the 19 to 25 age bracket, three-fourths were female, and almost all were single. The majority of respondents had a monthly income of 5,000 to 10,000 pesos. On average, their grade performance in high school was 85%, and in the college entrance examination, the most significant percentage got 86-90%. As to their College GWA, generally, their grades ranged between 1.51 and 2.0. The BSEd graduates’ General Education performance consistently recorded the highest means of 82.30, 80.53, 81.08, and 82.21, respectively, from 2016-2019. On the other hand, their performance in major courses was better than in their professional education courses in the two successive periods, 2016 and 2017, except in the 2018 and 2019 examinations. Their LET performance was highly affected by teacher factors (3.61) and least affected by the family factor (2.57). Their performance along specialization and professional education is significantly associated with their college academic performance, whereas their performance in General Education, with their high school academic performance. Among the factors considered, the general and professional education performance was positively and significantly predicted by personal factors.</p> Angel B. Belleza, Ph.D. Copyright (c) 2022 2022-11-08 2022-11-08 6 11 39 47