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The data was gathered from nineteen (19) senior high school teachers from the learning institution through documentation and survey. Analysis of the data showed that accepting late submissions from students and accepting calls and receiving emails from students after working hours ranked number one (1) with a weighted mean of 4.77. The use of social media networking sites providing happiness and enjoyment to the teachers ranked number two (2) with the weighted mean of 4.46. Lastly, using their personal gadgets for virtual classes ranked number three (3) with the weighted mean of 4.38. These indicators were perceived to be the top three coping strategies. The researchers conclude that teachers need adequate support to increase their productivity and keep them motivated. Additionally, collaboration between superior/principal and co-teachers, effective preventive measures, and a positive attitude when dealing with the pandemic also play an important role in reducing/coping with stress. The availability of adequate information and support from social media and schools also helped motivate the teachers in this study to deal with the outbreak.</p> Aldrin A. Alcantara Jayvee James C. Bogate Copyright (c) 2022 2022-07-02 2022-07-02 6 7 1 8 Influence of Purchasing Strategy on the Performance of Seed Companies in Trans Nzoia County, Kenya <p>Organizations prepare strategies with the sole aim of guiding top management leadership not only to describe their business organization, but also the results it strives for and methods it will use to achieve the results. It is from this background that the study aimed at establishing the influence of purchasing strategy on the performance of seed companies in Trans Nzoia County, Kenya. The study was significant since its findings would help direct policy makers in developing informed policy direction that would enhance sustainable seed production hence national development. The study was based on the contingency theory and theory of Mintzberg’s 5Ps of Strategy. This study used a survey design as it assumed quantitative methods in data collection. The target population consisted of the functional heads and the employees of the five seed crop companies in Tran Nzoia County making a total population of 553 respondents from which sample size of 232 respondents was selected to represent the population during data collection. The primary data was collected through questionnaires as the secondary data was collected through literature review. Quantitative data gathered from closed ended questions were first coded and then analyzed descriptively and using inferential statistics and presented using frequency distribution and cross tabulation tables. The study found a positive and significant relationship between purchasing strategy and organizational performance at the seed companies in Trans Nzoia County. The study recommends that efforts and commitment be made by seed companies in their purchasing strategies. This would help the companies achieve significant success in performance particularly increased sales and employee satisfaction. Backed with evidence of the positive effect of purchasing strategies, if the seed companies in Trans Nzoia County now re-examines their commitment in current Purchasing strategies with renewed vigour that ensures proper planning, evaluating and controlling the sourcing decision to serve its market demand effectively, their performance is significantly assured. Thus, seed companies currently struggling with sales volumes should re-examine their purchasing strategies.</p> Tegei Maghas Eric Dr. Nyaberi Duncan Nyakundi Copyright (c) 2022 2022-07-08 2022-07-08 6 7 9 15 A Tracer Study on the Employability and Curriculum Relevance among BatStateU Graduates 2014-2018 <p>Batangas State University (BatStateU) Tracer study aimed to determine whether the graduates from 2014 to 2018 are employable, the academic curriculum and the competencies are relevant to them, and investigate satisfaction in their present job. The adapted questionnaire from the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) tracer study was the main instrument used. The 4,805 graduates participated in the study, comprising 14.18% of the total graduates with a 1 percent margin of error at a 95% confidence level. The results indicated that graduates of BatStateU are employable as the majority of them landed their first job within a year after graduation. Most of the graduates are working as permanent status in local companies with income less than 20,000. Almost all respondents claimed their course/degree and the curriculum they had in college were both relevant to the first job. The acquired skills by the graduates in the university on communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving are found useful-competencies in their first job. Most of them have one to two jobs after graduation, affiliated with local non-government institutions of at least 150 employees. Around half of the graduates do not intend to stay in their present jobs considering their salaries and career growth.</p> Joel B. Bacay, MAEd Realiza M. Mame, Ph.D. Copyright (c) 2022 2022-07-21 2022-07-21 6 7 16 30 Surface Tension Action of Clitoria ternatea Infused Surfactant <p>This study aimed to produce a soap or surfactant made from Blue ternate or Clitoria ternatea flower and to measure and determine if it would affect the surface tension action of water when it is added to it, the researcher aimed to answer the following problems: (1) What is the Surface Tension Action of Clitoria ternatea in terms of Wettability, Dispersion Size and Capillarity? (2) Which concentration of Clitoria ternatea in soap would give optimum result in surface tension action? Treatment 0 (without Clitoria ternatea), Treatment 1 (25 g of Clitoria ternatea to a 100 ml of Coconut Oil), Treatment 2 (50 g of Clitoria ternatea to a 100 ml of Coconut Oil) or Treatment 3 (75 g of Clitoria ternatea to a 100 ml of Coconut Oil). (3) Is there a significant difference on surface tension action among varying concentration in soap? Petals of the flower were grinded to infuse in oil via heating process, the researcher made 4 treatments with 2 trials each and each trials have 5 replicates. To analyze the results the researcher uses ImageJ application to measure its wettability, a capillary tube to measure its capillarity and a droplet measurement in cloth to measure its dispersion size. The major findings and conclusions of this study were: (1) Treatment 0 to Treatment 1 shows that it still has a high surface tension action, which means that the intermolecular forces in water is strong thus it has also a low cleaning action. Meanwhile Treatment 2 shows a low surface tension action and lastly Treatment was supposedly should have the lowest surface tension action, but in the data, it shows that it has a high surface tension action. By this we can conclude that as the level of concentration of Clitoria ternatea increases, the lower surface tension action it can exhibit. (2) Treatment 2 gives the optimum result in surface tension action, in which it has a low surface tension action. Treatment 2 contains 50 grams of Clitoria ternatea on a 100 ml of coconut oil, and by this we can conclude that there is an error in the experiment because supposedly treatment 3 should give the optimum result. (3) The computed F value was 0.976652 less than the computed F critical value which is 2.764199. Hence there is no significant difference in surface tension action among the varying concentrations of the soap. In general, the study is somewhat successful but it can be improved with the use of more advance application such as pendant drop analysis, and by extracting the oil of the flower by steam or fractional distillation.</p> Aldrin A. Alcantara Mark Andrew S. Gaor Copyright (c) 2022 2022-07-23 2022-07-23 6 7 31 35 Women's Resilience of Termination of Work in the Covid-19 Pandemic Period on Children's Learning Outcomes <p>The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on various sectors, including health, education, industry, tourism, the economy, and various other sectors. November 24, 2020 there are 29.12 million people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, namely 2.56 million new unemployed due to Covid-19, not working because of Covid-19, 1.77 million people, and experienced a reduction in working hours of 24.03 million people. This study aims to measure the resilience of women who were termination of employment during the Covid-19 pandemic to their children's learning outcomes. The method in this study uses qualitative research methods with a case study approach. Researchers made clear and in-depth observations by collecting data through documentation, interviews and observations. The subjects of this study were students and mothers of termination of employment victims, and teachers also acted as research subjects who helped collect data on student learning outcomes during school from home. The results of the study found that a good mother's mentality had a good impact on student learning outcomes, even though they were in a very complicated situation due to Termination of employment due to the Covid-19 pandemic, mothers were willing to help themselves so that their children were helped both psychologically, physically and cognitively.</p> Ngia Masta Melda Rumia Rosmery Simorangkir Copyright (c) 2022 2022-07-28 2022-07-28 6 7 36 41 The Utility of Video Communication Applications for Virtual Teaching and Learning <p>Due to the rise of positive cases brought by the infection of Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19), the schools were closed down and limited the face-to-face instruction. With all that being said, our country, the Philippines has shifted from traditional face-to-face classes to online and distance education. Video-communication applications were utilized in the midst of online education, specifically during synchronous classes. Activities and other learning tasks and materials are being delivered by means of the features installed in such applications e.g., Google Meet and Zoom Cloud Meetings, therefore determining its level of utilizations is an imperative to consider. Through a descriptive-quantitative method, the researchers aimed to explore the following questions: (1) what are the features of video-communication applications were used by the teachers and students for their virtual teaching and learning, respectively?; (2) What is the level of utilization of these video-communication applications, for virtual teaching and learning along with: (a) Google Meet and (b) Zoom Cloud Meetings, and; (3) What video tutorial can be produced to improve virtual teaching and learning of mathematics? With the above mentioned method, responses were collected through Google forms from the respondents and were analyzed through statistical methods (frequency count, ranking, and weighted mean) and were interpreted descriptively. The results established that the use of camera, screen sharing, microphone, scheduling, laptop/PC, and hosting a meeting were highly utilized for virtual teaching while the use of laptop/PC, microphone, hand raising, chat box, and reminding feature were used often for virtual learning. Considering that only few features were highly utilized, the researchers therefore recommended that video tutorials shall be produced, in order for both teachers and students to create a variety of teaching and learning experiences.</p> Aldrin A. Alcantara Danica Grace F. Madera Earl Dwight R. Serrado Copyright (c) 2022 2022-07-29 2022-07-29 6 7 42 51