Authors from High Income Countries: 450 USD

Authors from Upper Middle Income Countries: 290 USD

Authors from Lower Middle Income Countries: 180 USD

Authors from Low Income Countries: 100 USD

Article Submission Charges

The IJRIAR does not charge any article submission fee. Authors are requested to pay a fair manuscript handling fee for the processing of their articles when an article is accepted, processed, reviewed and authorized for publication.

Publication Fee Waivers

IJRIAR is an independent international journal and does not receive funding from any institution or government. The journal's operations are therefore solely funded by author fees. A processing fee is required to cover costs such as peer review, Internet services, article indexing, editing, web hosting, application development and support.

IJRIAR may waive a portion (50-60%) of the article fee for authors who are unable to pay the article fee due to the financial crisis. Authors from low-income, middle-income, and developing countries may apply for waivers. Waivers apply to 1-2 manuscripts per year per contributor.

Requests for fee waivers should be sent to the Editor-in-Chief using the following Email:

Note: Transaction or service fees are borne by the author (PayPal fees, NEFT fees, Stripe Transfer fees etc.).

Other fees

International Journal of Recent Innovations in Academic Research (IJRIAR) declares that the charges mentioned above are including editorial processing charges, language editing fees, colour charges, submission fees, page charges, membership fees, print subscription costs, other supplementary charges. No extra charges will be asked from the authors.